Vinegar-Free Gourmet Hot Sauce
Why fresh tasting hot pepper coulis? Well the concept came while Laurence was in a high-end culinary establishment and ordered a premium dish. After adding Tabasco on his beautiful feast, he realised the vinegar based hot sauces overpowered the flavours of the meal…a shame for such a gorgeous plate the chef had painstakingly crafted. If there existed a hot sauce that could be paired with the best recipes and ingredients without dominating them, the world would simply be a better and tastier place!Sinai Gourmet was founded in 2011 with a single concept in mind; to make the freshest possible hot sauce using Sinai Gourmet Logo small squareonly premium natural ingredients. In fact, we wanted it so fresh it would become a hot pepper coulis rather than a sauce!

WHY SINAI?               

The name Sinai comes from the desert peninsula in Egypt where Mount Sinai – the very place Moses got the Ten Commandments. Laurence chose this name because having visited it in his youth, he was struck by the beauty of the desert even in the searing heat. So what better name for a beautiful tasting hot pepper coulis than a peninsula that shares the same combination of aesthetics and temperature!


Sinai Gourmet’s corporate logo is simple once understood. It signifies nature, health, the cycles of growing crop, and the simplicity of sticking to things as Mother Nature intended. The circle represents the sun and the triangle represents the Sinai Peninsula, thus the sun shining its nutritious warmth and light on the land.

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