Sinai Gourmet

Mission: To create a line of gourmet products that bring us back to our roots of what food was intended to taste. Some people call that All Natural, some people call that Paleo, we just think of it as the way food is supposed to be.MISSION, PHILOSOPHY, GOALsiniai

Philosophy: Sinai Gourmet believes in selecting only premium ingredients and creating simple-natural products. What does that mean? Simply, it means the ingredients in Sinai Gourmet are easy to understand and can be easily spelled without using an encyclopedia!

Goal: To make your meals taste better whether you are eating super clean, shedding for a competition, or just looking to wow some palates!


There is nothing wrong with vinegar in itself. It is an age old preservative used by countless generations to preserve leftover crops and sanitize our environment before refrigeration existed. It has its purpose in our homes. However, in the same way you put cucumbers (vinegar-free) and not pickles (vinegar) in your salad, sometimes it just isn’t necessary to add vinegar. Therefore if you want to consume premium cuisine – a good ribeye, a fresh piece of salmon, scallops, your grandmother’s signature spaghetti sauce – you now have an option of hot pepper coulis that blends in and enhances rather than over bearing the meal itself.


A coulis is simply a puree of fresh natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and so on to create a base or a garnish to enhance the flavour of a dish. This can include raspberry coulis on a piece of chocolate cake or Sinai Gourmet’s Hot Pepper Coulis on a medium rare filet mignon.


Choosing to put Sinai Gourmet Hot Pepper Coulis in plastic bottles was a tough one. The main reason it was so tough is because people perceive plastic as unhealthy; especially those cheap plastics used in water bottles that can “bleed” into the water. Nevertheless, after finding ultra-high quality plastic called PET plastic we chose to go to plastic for 3 reasons:

  • Reduce Waste. Though glass is more luxurious and may look higher quality few cities in North America actually recycle glass so it ends up in landfill. The reason being that it is actually cheaper to make new glass than process and recycle used glass. Plastic, on the other hand, is highly recyclable so every major city has programs to recycle it with PET plastic being one of the most recyclable.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint. The simple fact is that plastic is much lighter than glass. Combine 10,000 bottles and the weight difference is huge so transportation costs are vastly reduced which means less gas usage, lower total emissions, and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Ease of Use. It goes without saying that our coulis are very thick. So getting them out of a glass bottle that can’t be squeezed can be an ordeal. Plastic just makes it easier for you to portion out the perfect amount which also means less food wastage!