How to Stop the Burn

Stopping hot sauce burn

One thing is for sure, don’t drink water unless you’re COMPLETELY DESPERATE! Capsaicin is water soluble so all drinking water does is spread the heat around without really reducing the burn. Cold water may appear to help temporarily but it won’t last so beware. If you’re looking for something that might actually help, try one of the tricks on the below. They’re ranked from most to least effective!

1. Cold milk or yogurt is the most effective way to kill the burn so always try one of these first and foremost.

2. Sugar reacts with capsaicin so try a cold 10% sugar solution or straight sugar if there’s sugar lying around on the table.

3. Believe or not alcohol actually helps by dissolving the chemical responsible pretty effectively so drink up!

4. Rinse your mouth with olive oil. Oil doesn’t dissolve as effectively as alcohol but it’s better than nothing.

5. Remind yourself it won’t last forever, enter a Zen state of mind, and relax! It may seem unbearable but when push comes to shove you can handle this.

Of course, the best way to avoid suffering because of spice is to know your limits. Keep track of peppers you have tried and their Scoville Units until you find your heat comfort zone. If you’re like the majority of people you’ll soon find your comfort zone is too easy and you’re ready to attempt the next level!