Habanero Original 1 L


Habanero Original 1 L


Sinai Gourmet’s Vinegar-Free Habanero Pepper Hot Sauces are what we mostly put on our food at Sinai Gourmet. Don’t get us wrong: We all love the jalapeño and some of us can handle the ghost. For most of us though, like Goldilock’s porridge, jalapeños are too cold and ghosts too hot but habaneros are JUST RIGHT! Locally made with only the freshest ingredients, Sinai Gourmet products have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. That means you get a delicious melange of fresh flavours with a good amount of heat.  It also means our hot sauces are flexible enough so that the experienced hot sauce eater can use it raw, fried, baked, grilled, or mixed in with just about anything you make.

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Blend of fresh hot peppers (Habanero), fresh herbs and spices, virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and fresh lime juice.

Heat Level

Experienced / High (see Scoville Units for details on Habaneros)


There are countless benefits to eating spicy food (see benefits). At Sinai Gourmet, we go the extra mile by adding the benefits of eating fresh and preservative-free to create a healthy and delicious experience for you body!


Sinai Gourmet sauces are fresh made and have no preservatives so should keep refrigerated after opening.

Shelf Life

Best before 1.25 years.

Product Care

Sinai Gourmet Hot Sauces are all natural and have no preservatives. Because of this it is important to keep the product refrigerated after each use and to ALWAYS use clean cutlery when serving. No Preservatives means the Hot Sauce is vulnerable to contamination!


1 L / 33.8 US fl oz.


Shipping is flat rate based on where you live! No more, no less. On top of this, shipping is free in North America for orders over $75!


Sinai Gourmet is really the best possible taste profile for the discerning palate!

More than just about the love of spice, Sinai Gourmet is about the absolute love of eating.


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