Est. 2011

It is no secret that for the past 100 years food has severely veered off the beaten path. As major players competed they quickly realized that to maximize profit they need to deliver “the best” illusion of taste while drastically reducing costs. Even “organic” and “natural” foods haven’t escaped this. The secret, as everyone now knows, was to load food with salt, sugar, and a barrage of manmade chemicals that cost next to nothing to produce but fool our brains into loving them. Unfortunately, the untended consequence of this move is that it took us lightyears away from the farms where our nutrition use to come from and led to many of health problems we see today.

Now, as it often does, balance is returning. People, producers, governments, chefs and individuals like you are seeing the light. Fresh is best. The farm delivers the most flavour and the healthiest food. So, after almost a century, we are going back to where we are from. Nature’s own recipes.

At Sinai Gourmet, we have made a purposeful commitment to this. NO ONE on the market makes cleaner, healthier or fresher pre-packaged goods. No one. We defy you to find a prepackaged product on your shelves that is as clean as ours. Look at our nutritional table and ingredient list. If you can’t spell it we don’t use it. In fact, the only way to eat healthier is to eat only raw ingredients. That is our commitment to you, to your value proposition, to your customers’ taste buds, and to your kitchen. We will only sell you NAKED FOODS.

We look forward to exploring the opportunity to share this with you and your taste buds. To eat naked – together.



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