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    Together Activity Kit Healt Treats
    Together Activity Kit Granola Bar

    Together Activity Kit: Healthy Treat

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    The Together Activity Kit: Healthy Treat is a fun way to enjoy making simple delicious recipes. Do it with family, friends, or even by yourself. Each kit includes everything you need to succeed. For instance, all the ingredients for the Granola Bars and Energy Balls are pre-measured and simple easy-to-follow instructions are provided. You'll have a great time making these delicious treats!Our thinking behind the Together Activity Kits is that cooking should be a fun activity.  No experience required!

    Looking for a healthy treat? Our Granola Bars are a perfect healthy treat for all age with real chocolate chips and dates!

    (link to Granola Bars Visual Instructions)

    Need a quick pick-me-up? Our Energy Balls are balanced with protein to help in recovery and give you a little boost!

    (link to Energy Balls Visual Instructions)
    The cellophane we use is eco and completely compostable and the cups with wet ingredient packaging is completely recyclable. We are working on getting this biodegradable as well  but supply chain disruptions have made this temporarily impossible.Vegan, plant based, simple easy to follow instructions, kid friendly, team building fun!

    Combination Kit includes Free Shipping to Canada and the contiguous United States.


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