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Sinai Gourmet is a Montreal-based artisanal sauce company, founded in 2011, that specializes in making fresh, clean label, flavourful gourmet sauces to enhance your meals.

It took Sinai’s founder, Laurence Isaac, over 2 years to perfect the recipe, and hundreds of tests to learn how to keep the sauces fresh & shelf-stable without adding the preservatives found in other sauces. It would have been easy (and cheaper) to use ingredients like vinegar and salt to stretch the ingredients and increase the shelf life, but Laurence’s vision was about creating fresh & healthy condiments, with flavours that wouldn’t overpower your food.

Who we are​

The road was long, and the trials were many, but Laurence succeed in creating a line of hot sauces that stand apart from the others.

All of Sinai’s products are packed with fresh peppers and herbs (see a list of our fresh ingredients here!) and are vegan (with the exception of our honey which is sustainably sourced), low sodium, gluten free, and have no artificial ingredients whatsoever. Their original line of hot sauces and Herbonnaise (vegan mayo replacement)  are also Keto friendly! 

Laurence believes that all food should be clean, simple, and healthy. “So-called ‘natural’ foods have gotten out of hand. Many companies use trendy words like ‘natural’ and ‘real’ but give you products that are as unhealthy as conventional ones. We’re taking a stand against that.  We call our food NAKED…and we tell people to EAT NAKED!”

Welcome to the cleanest freshest sauces in the world. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and no chemicals. Delicious and Healthy. 

sinai gourmet potato salad recipe
sinai gourmet shephard's pie
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Sauces respect keto, gluten free, low sodium, low sugar, vegan & other diets.

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