Barbecue Sauces!


Poblano, Jalapeno, Habanero, Ghost, Scorpion, Reaper


Each of our products is crammed full of great fresh ingredients. Where others use fillers, we just add more real food.


Look at our ingredients and you won’t believe your eyes. Simple, clean, fresh, and often less than 8 ingredients you know and can trust.


Laurence, our founder, takes flavour very seriously. Every ingredient is painstakingly selected by testing dozens of world-class suppliers to find the best of the best. We do that so you don’t have to.

Nothing Artificial

No preservatives, thickeners, colourants, stabilizers, artificial or natural flavours. Just REAL FOOD.

No Vinegar

To maximize a fresh flavour profile we either very little or NO vinegar in our sauces. That means the taste of each pepper and ingredient shines through!

Heat Levels

We offer a range of heat levels from MILD to WILD. From no spice Maple Syrup to Poblanos to Reaper.

FAQs About Sinai Gourmet

How do I choose a heat level?

The key to picking the right hot sauce is to pick the right heat level for YOU. If you go too spicy it won't be enjoyable. Unless your into that sort of thing...

What are the differences between the maple syrups?

Generally speaking the darker the syrup the strong and bolder the taste. Gold syrup is light and delicate with subtle notes of maple. Amber steps it up and Dark steps it up further. Ultra Dark has the strongest pleasant maple taste.

How long does Hot Honey last?

Our infused honeys are made from premium Canadian honey. No cheap additives. The infusion is a subtle so the honey maintains it's indefinite shelf life. If it crystalizes just gently heat the honey until it returns to liquid.

What are your Grocery Goods?

At Sinai Gourmet we spend an inordinate amount of time sourcing the best ingredients. Our Grocery Goods are the ingredients we have sourced over the years and the amazing products we make from these.

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Enhances Recipes

Use sauces while cooking or as a condiment to add some WOW to your dish.

Diet Friendly

Sauces respect keto, gluten free, low sodium, low sugar, vegan & other diets.

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