Our Korean barbecue sauce has all the flavours of a true Korean bbq. Sticky and sweet, spicy garlic with notes of ginger. 100% artisanal and clean label (no preservatives or additives).

USAGE: Korean Barbecue Sauce should be basted onto your protein during last 10 minutes of cook with 3-4 coats per side. It can also be used as a finishing sauce to put on protein at the end of the cook. We recommend lightly heating the sauce before basting or putting at the end to maintain protein temperature.

PAIRINGS: Any protein including beef, chicken, pork, fish and even tofu.

TASTE PROFILE: Sticky and sweet, spicy garlic with notes with ginger.

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Weight .62 kg
Flavour Profile

Sour, Strong, Sweet, Tangy, Umami

Heat Level

UN-HOT (no heat)


12 FL OZ / 340 ML

Product Care

Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.

Shelf Life

Best Before 1.5 years


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