eat naked manger nue clean label food

When companies use words like “organic”, “all natural” and even “clean label” to describe their products you would think you’re getting the cleanest possible products. You would rightfully think they wouldn’t add a bunch of chemicals to their products. To us, using those processed additives isn’t really “all natural”, “organic” or “clean label”. Next time you get one of these products check out the ingredients. Often you’ll see they contain xantham gum, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potasium sorbate, natural flavours, natural colours, and so on.

You might as well buy conventional food!

We thought about this pretty extensively. If words you trust mean nothing, what words could we use that could never be bastardized to fool customers into buying things they don’t want. What we came up with was EAT NAKED! A designation you could trust that guarantees your food is clean without anything artificial in it. No additives, no thickeners, no stabilizers, nothing chemical, nothing that’s isn’t from a farm.

No one can tell you you’re naked if you’re wearing something. You can be almost naked but not NAKED. Similarly you’re not going to convince us your food is NAKED if you put organic xantham gum or all natural sodium benzoate in it. That may be almost naked but not NAKED. Those may be “just socks to keep your feet warm” but they are still clothes! NAKED food is a commitment to putting only REAL INGREDIENTS in products. Go through all of our products – we don’t use artificial ingredients or chemically processed additives and we never will.

At Sinai Gourmet we commit to only making products that are truly all natural and clean label. We call that philosophy an EAT NAKED way of eating. Heck – sometimes we even EAT NAKED naked and we’re proud of it!