What is a coulis?

A coulis is a sauce made by pureeing and straining fruit or vegetables, also adding sugar to sweeten it if the juices are too acid. We found this best describes our gourmet hot sauce except for one thing: you’ll never have an issue with acidity. Here’s why…

Why Vinegar-Free?

By replacing vinegar with fresh lime juice, we’ve unlocked so many doors in the culinary world – versatile heat! Not only does vinegar tend to overtake recipes and it could frustrating but hot peppers have their own flavour and masking them is just not fair! By providing a coulis that is More Than Just Hot, you get more versatility and more heat!

How hot are they really?

Our Hot Pepper Coulis line consists of many different heat levels. From MILD TO WILD. Poblano is mild and pleasantly floral, Habanero is wonderfully smoky and Ghost or Reaper are extremely spicy! Each pepper provides a different type of heat and are all hotter than you think! Since they’re not diluted with vinegar you get more flavour and heat. The main ingredient is the pepper itself and we love it that way!

Why Maple?

At Sinai Gourmet we understand that when BBQ season comes around, there’s nothing better than serving a hot caramelized cut of protein with grilled vegetables. Our Maple versions are especially designed for marinating meats. Whether it’s seafood, red meat or chicken, the maple helps lock in the juices and the rest for real flavourful heat. Check out our website for recipe ideas!

Where can I use these coulis?

You actually put this stuff on everything – it’s not just a slogan! Every Sinai Gourmet’s Hot Pepper Coulis product can be used differently. For instance, the Jalapeno, because of its fruity taste, is just perfect with raw food. Anything from salads to seafood it adds a zing to anything! The Habanero is best paired with dips like hummus, mayonnaise, ketchup and so forth. It’s also great in marinades. And finally, the Ghost with its slow burning sensation is great on everything just as long you can take the heat! For example, mixed with yogurt and left to marinate chicken tandoori style is a crowd pleaser! It’s all about unleashing your inner chef and having fun experimenting with different flavours and levels of heat. For once, you’re the boss in the kitchen!

Where can I purchase Sinai Gourmet products?

We are available at a variety of locations across Canada and a few select ones in the US. We even have an online store for you to browse through with free shipping on orders over $49.99! And if you think there’s a store out there that would be a good fit for our products, let us know! There’s no reason why people should be absented from this new generation of hot sauce! Thanks in advance.

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

We look forward to exploring the opportunity to share this with you and your taste buds. To eat naked – together.

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