What's Sinai Gourmet about:

1. What's so special about your products?

Sinai Gourmet specializes in clean label condiments that are as close to how your grandmother use to make food as a company can get. No preservatives. No additives. Nothing artificial. As close to farm fresh as possible.

2. What kinds of products do you have?

We have 4 main categories of products in the condiment category: Hot Sauces, Hot Honeys, Maple Syrup, and Grocery Goods. Everything we make is focused on leading the food industry in clean and fresh.

3. How long do your products last?

While generally speaking our products have a shorter life span than conventional condiments, we give you ample time to enjoy them. Our products with the shortest life have a Best Before of 1.5 years. Others like the Hot Honey or Maple Syrup have an indefinite shelf life.

4. Will I be able to tell the difference?

We believe things should first and foremost be delicious. Lucky for all of us, nature makes delicious things all by itself. So we just harness that. Since are products are also clean label and guilt-free you will taste and feel the difference!

About Sinai Gourmet

1. How long you been around?

The idea for Sinai Gourmet came about in 2011. Condiments and food in general were getting out of control. So many additives. Something needed to be done.

2. How big is Sinai Gourmet?

Sinai Gourmet is a small team of dedicated artisans. We all love food and are all passionate about making the best condiments on the market. We are a small business and are proud to be a small business.

3. How do you create products?

Our process to create a new product is painstaking. First we identify a need: a segment that interests us. Then, we get to creation. We create dozens and dozens of recipes that respect our clean label / no additive philosophy. From there we get to tasting and letting people taste. Only if we are wowed throught do we launch a product. Needless to say we have alot of amazing products on our shelves that never launched!

4. Do you do custom products /private label??

Yes, for the right customers who share our philosophy of food, we are happy to explore custom products and private label opportunities.

5. What are you working on next?

We could tell you but then...you know what we'd have to do.


1. What payment methods do you accept?

Our website accepts 2 main payment methods: PayPal and credit cards.

2. What if I don't have a credit card?

PayPal does offer transactions without credit cards however if that doesn't work for you, feel free to reach out and we can arrange for e-transfers.

3. How quickly do orders ship out after payment?

Generally orders are processed within 2-3 business days of payment. The only exception to this is weekends and holidays where delays can be a little longer.