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Our Ingredients

Everyone at Sinai Gourmet is truly obsessed with food, and food quality. Though we may eat vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, keto, or otherwise, each of us has a deep respect for every ingredient that goes on our plates (and in our bodies!).We love playing with new ingredients, tasting new foods, and borrowing flavours from across cultures. Food is not just nourishment. It brings us together. It is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Food is a gift. So, let’s not screw it up!

What do we care about?

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard that a million times, right? Because it’s true! If you nourish yourself with healthy food you’ll have a healthier body. That’s a simple equation.

We think products should have simple and real ingredients. This means no preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, chemicals, or artificial ingredients. We don’t even use so-called ‘natural’ flavours or colourants that you’ll find in other “health foods”. We think the “natural” food industry has gone too far with its addition of fake food in products and we’re downright opposed to it. If your food can’t stand on its own and needs to be manipulated to taste good or last, we don’t believe it belongs in your body.

How food gets to you also matters. From farm to manufacturing to bottling to shipping to your doorstep, and what happens after you are done with our products, we want the process to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. No, the world isn’t perfect and there are some compromises along the way (ex. glass vs plastic bottles), but our focus and intention is to be as green as possible. We want to get great product to you without destroying the planet in the process.

How do we choose ingredients?

Laurence, our founder, is absolutely nutty about selecting ingredients. Can you believe he still tastes every batch before it’s bottled?! That’s our commitment to getting you the best of the best.

Take our maple syrup for example. We start by buying maple syrup from 20-30 well known and respected producers, then we taste them for months until we settle on the top 2-3 very best, and then we get to know the producers and their philosophy before selecting the very, very best. During the summer season, we choose local whenever possible (but as you can imagine, hot peppers don’t grow very well in Canada in January). Whether it’s Martin the maple syrup guy, Dave the bee-keeper, Wendy our extreme-pepper grower, or Sandra & Kevin our habanero farmers – we know them and trust in the amazing quality they deliver. In the end, we do all that extra work to make sure our products are the very best, so you don’t have to. It’s our gift to you!

Why do we use plastic bottles?

After creating our one-of-a-kind sauces, we had to choose between 3 packaging options for our products: glass, semi-metal tubes, and plastic.


Pros – Recyclable. Not harmful to environment. Pretty. Luxurious.

Cons – Heavy (increased carbon footprint to ship). Many cities do not bother recycling (cheaper to make new glass). Fragile (needs more packaging to ship and thus creates more waste). Difficult to use with our product (think Heinz ketchup in bottle but worse). Expensive.

Semi-metal tubes

Pros – Recyclable. Cool looking. Futuristic. Easy to use (can portion perfectly). Light shipping (less carbon footprint). Popular in Europe.

Cons – Can be punctured so requires more packaging. Not accepted by customers in North America (reminds them of toothpaste?). Extremely expensive – increases cost to customers. 

Plastic (top grade)

Pros – Easily Recyclable. Light to ship (less carbon footprint). Easy to use (can portion perfectly). Hard to damage (less packaging to ship). Cost effective.

Cons – It’s plastic (bad reputation). Perceived as less luxurious. More complicated to incorporate in our manufacturing process.

So, there you have it. We decided on plastic because it is more widely recycled and it has a lower carbon footprint both in terms of weight and packaging required. These bottles are a bit more challenging to work with in the manufacturing process, but hey, we like a challenge!

We think we made the right choice. What do you think?

Why not organic?

We get this question often and it is a great question. Since we are so clean why aren’t we also organic? There are two main reasons for this. First, none of our ingredients are genetically modified and we clean all our fresh ingredients extensively so they are ultra clean. If there were any pesticides they are gone. Secondly,  the nature of the organic industry has changed a lot in the last couple years to the point where it is sort of a racket now. There are just as many chemicals and additives in organic food and most importantly much organic food is just as unhealthy as conventional food. Try convincing anyone that organic sour cream and onion chips are healthier than Ruffles and not sure the argument will hold water. For this reason we have gone clean label with a heavy reliance on selecting the very best of ingredients.

What is EAT NAKED?

When competitors use works like “organic”, “all natural” and even “clean label” to describe their products and then add a bunch of crap in their product that spells trouble for those of us who actual make all natural and clean products. It’s an “Ooohhh noooo” moment as a 2 year old say…

So what do you do? We thought about it and thought especially hard about what word we could use that could never be bastardized to fool customers into thinking they’re something different then they actual are. What we came up with is EAT NAKED. Naked food and naked ingredients.

No one can tell you you’re wearing something if you are naked. Similarly you’re not going to convince me your food is NAKED if you put organic xantham gum or all natural sodium benzoate in it. Those may be just socks but they are still clothes! So at Sinai Gourmet we truly help you EAT NAKED and we’re proud of it.

So what is NOT in our sauces?

It is very simple. If it doesn’t come from a farm and doesn’t grow out of soil it isn’t in our products. Some people may try to convince you that “natural” flavours or colours come from the soil but they have been so heavily processed it’s a stretched to say they are farm or fresh. Just because vodka is made from potatoes doesn’t mean it’s a vegetable.

So we keep it ultra clean – Naked. No artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, colourants, flavourings at all, and we even avoid the so-called “organic /all natural” alternatives of these as they are – in the end just the same. We’re absolutely dedicated to this and that’s a commitment we make to you. With us you will truly EAT NAKED.

Why do your sauces taste so good?

We actually hear that question all the time if you can believe it! The answer is simple: Our sauces taste so good because they are fresh, use only clean ingredients, and respect and showcase every ingredient used in them. More simply put – because they are REAL FOOD!

We take our love of food very seriously and we put that love into each bottle for you to enjoy.

Enhances Recipes

Use sauces while cooking or as a condiment to add some WOW to your dish.

Diet Friendly

Sauces respect keto, gluten free, low sodium, low sugar, vegan & other diets.

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