ZERO Sea Salt

ZERO Sea Salt

ZERO Sea Salt


ZERO is a Sinai Gourmet program for those who care about what they consume and where packaging ends up after. Each premium ingredient is packaged in returnable and reusable containers that we sanitize and process for reuse. Therefore so long as you care for the container and return, it won’t end up at the dump!

Why ZERO? The simple reason is that even though we have the best intention, much of what we put in the recycling bin ends up in the dump because it is more cost effective to create new packaging then recycle used ones.

As a subscriber to ZERO you also get access BULK WHOLESALE PRICING on amazing ingredients selected by our team. That means no retail markup! Containers have a deposit attached which you will get back when you return the container in good condition. So essentially, you only pay for the product in the container!

  • ZERO waste
  • ZERO artificial ingredients
  • ZERO retail markup
  • ZERO guilt

Price on website includes deposit. Please see below for container specific deposit.

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ZERO Sea Salt

  • Container: $2.00
  • Cost of Salt: $1.00
  • Item: Sea Salt
  • Texture: Coarse
  • Net: 200 grams
  • Gross: 240 grams
  • Country of Origin: Belgium
  • Use: Cooking, seasoning, and can be added to a grinder for regular salting.

About Containers:

The reusable container is used to incentivize the care of the packaging. To make this program work we need to work together as a team. Our job is to not only ensure the safe and sanitary reuse of package, but to provide you with premium hand selected ingredients to enjoy. Your responsibility is to care for the packaging while in your household and return it to us when you’re done with it.  Should you choose to keep the package that is fine too. Should you have any questions please feel free to email us!



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Sea Salt


Refill Only (Compostable), with ZERO Container (Reusable)


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