TROPIQUANTE tropical hot sauce

Tropiquante Tropical Hot Sauce is – as the name suggests – a taste of the tropics. Full of equatorial fruits like banana, mango, papaya, and pineapple, Tropiquante adds lusciously sweet fruity heat to any of your favorite dishes.

Drizzle it onto your fish. Dot your tacos. Dunk or dab your chicken wings. A great addition to your breakfast (poached ,fried or soft boiled eggs). A pizza topping favorite. A splash of sunshine and heat to your favorite cocktail. Pair it with rum to make a tropical punch shot!

Inspired by Caribbean flavours and paired with Scotch Bonnets for heat, Tropiquante was featured on Season 19 of Hot Ones where it was appreciated by celebrities like David Blaine, Emma Chamberlain, Viola Davis, Cate Blanchette, James Corden, and more. Give it a try and you’re in good company.

Begin and end your day with fresh fruity sunshine🌞. Take a mini mouth vacation ✈️. Tropiquante transports you to hot and sunny bliss. 🌴⛱️