Sinai Gourmet Real Canadian Maple Syrup is a Premium Grade A syrup and is carefully selected from world class Quebec suppliers. To do this we taste dozens and dozens of different syrups from different suppliers. From these we test and select the very best for our products. In other words, we do this work and you don’t have to.  Simply put it is absolutely delicious and it’s the one we use in our maple hot sauces.   The wonderful thing about maple syrup is that it is a healthy alternative to sugar and it is natural. Add it to your cooking, coffee, smoothies, drinks, baking, and whatever else you want to add sweetness to! 

Pairing:  Add to marinades, vinaigrettes, coffee, tea, on pancakes and crepes. Add to your smoothies where sweetness is useful and needed.  Take a restorative spoonful and perk up your day!

Taste profile: Ultra Dark Syrup – With a dark and robust taste this maple syrup is ideal for those that love the flavour of maple syrup. Full bodied and perfect for your pancakes and waffles. This type of syrup is very good for cooking and delivers a strong natural flavour.


  • 100% Real Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Premium Grade A
  • Gold, Amber, Dark, and Ultra Dark Available
  • Ultra Dark: Dark full bodied and robust flavour  (almost black in colour)
  • Maple Syrup from Quebec, Canada
  • 240 mL / 8 US fl oz bottle
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Facts about maple syrup:

  • Maple syrup comes from the sap of trees. Other trees also give sap so there are many different types of syrup.
  • 75% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec, Canada.
  • Syrup is organized in 4 colours which are determined by how much light gets through the syrup (Light Transmission – LT)
    • GOLD >75% LT
    • AMBER 50-75% LT
    • DARK 25-50% LT
    • ULTRA DARK <25% LT
  • The colour of the syrup tends to be determined by:
    • 1) when in the season and
    • 2) the outside temperature when the sap was collected.
    • GOLD syrup comes very early in the season when it is still below freezing. The sap for gold is very clear and light with a mild flavour. As the season progresses and temperatures rise the syrup gets darker and darker.
    • ULTRA DARK syrup comes last and is most plentiful. It is – in our opinion – the most robust and flavourful.
  • GOLD syrup has more sucrose. As the syrups get darker there is an increase in simple sugars like fructose and glucose. The conversion is sucrose to simple sugars is accelerated by healthy microbes that prefer warmer weather.
  • There are also different grades of syrup.
    • GRADE A is what you buy for home.
    • GRADE B is mostly for professional kitchens.
    • GRADE C is the lowest quality and tends to be used for industrial applications (manufacturing food).
  • Our maple flavoured hot sauces use only GRADE A!
  • To make maple syrup, the sap is boiled and reduced. It takes 50 liters of sap to make 1 liter of maple syrup! The boiling also kills all the microbes that darken the syrup.
  • Processed and stored maple syrup will last forever. Once opened and refrigerated it can last years. If it crystallizes it can be heated up to liquefy.
Weight N/A
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 cm

Bold, robust, flavour of real maple syrup.


Refrigerate Once Open.

Heat Level

UN-HOT (no heat)


240 mL / 8 fl oz.

Flavour Profile



Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Paleo, Vegan


Gold, Amber, Dark, Ultra Dark, All Grades 240 ml, All Grades 60 mL


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Real Canadian Maple Syrup
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