Top 5 Finger Foods

sinai gourmet beer maple bbq sauce

Throwing a championship game event like a Superbowl Party requires taking your game to the next level. Killer cocktails and delicious finger foods are critical elements to making a memorable evening for your guests. Sinai Gourmet is here to help with amazing sauces that add some WOW to simple appetizers and shots!


  1. Tacos, quesadillas, and tostadas are simple to prepare and delicious. Pairs great with Beer Maple BBQ Sauce.
  2. Sliders: There mini burgers – need we say more! Pairs amazing with Kansas BBQ Sauce (beef) or South Carolina BBQ Sauce (pulled pork).
  3. Chili and Sloppy Joes are comfort foods you shouldn’t do without. Jalapeno Original or Habanero Original are staples hot sauces to take these to the next level.
  4. Mini meatballs, chicken strips, and cauliflower bites (for vegan) can be arranged into a fun gameday platter. If you are creative make it look like football field. Set a dish of Sinai Gourmet Original BBQ Sauce and Memphis BBQ Sauce to give people options.
  5. WINGS! WINGS! WINGS! Having a broad selection of wings and no running out is key. Break out the deep fryer or oven bake your wings ; just make tons of them! Select from our range of BBQ Sauces for your flavour base and set up your HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE using our mild to wild Hot Sauces!